Albee walked 655 feet on the Vector today. He didn’t need a whole lot of help and was feeling the need for speed!

Check Albee out – I’m amazed and inspired by the spirit he possesses. You go Big Al!

Albee finished his day with some volleyball! It was a great experience. So many times I wanted to help him but he figured it out – I need to let him struggle are he’ll never grow. Grow Albee grow! 
Albee Strong!

Our last night here. Casa Colina is awesome everyone here could not have been better. Now on to out patient therapy

Albee tells me, “The birds will be flying soon.” Not knowing what the heck that means, I look out the window. I look back at him & he’s got a big smile on his face, lifts his hand & wiggles his middle finger! Yay! Let the birds fly!

Albee fed himself a burrito while enjoying lunch on the patio at Casa Colina! Lunch & life are always sweeter with family and friends. Thank you all for your visits, love and continued support. How lucky we are🍀



Alexander got a new foot movement last night! Who could imagine something so small could be so big. Oh ya, he also brushed his teeth. Woot woot! Albee Strong 

Working Hard

Alexander stood up today! (With the help of his awesome physical therapist and a special table but still he was upright!)

Left leg is kicking butt!

this little piggy….sooo excited!

August 24, 2018 (DAY  2) Doctors at Loma Linda sit Al upright for the first time post surgery.

08/23/18 Day 1

08/23/18 Day 1